Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Follow That Falafel!

Apparently the FBI is so desperate to find evidence of Iranian terror plots in the U.S. that they've been tracking the sale of certain grocery items like falafel. The logic (yeah, I'm using the term loosely) is that, if you follow the sale of Middle Eastern foods, you might find Middle Easterners, who might be Iranians, who might be terrorists. Is this seriously what passes for government intelligence these days?

Naturally, I sent a link to the article to Afshin, who contributed several salient points.

Afshin: falafel is not an iranian dish
Afshin: iranians don't really eat it
Afshin: or hummus
Afshin: also, there's no such thing as an iranian terrorist
Afshin: they would know this if they had even a single iranian working for them
Me: yeah, the whole thing is pretty retarded
Afshin: iranians don't eat those "typical" middle eastern foods
Me: well, you know--the iranians might have been gay or something
Me: can't get the gays involved
Afshin: you want to find them? follow the pistachios and the pomegranates
Me: true
Me: and then what'll they find?
Me: not terrorists
Me: your mom.
Afshin: a bunch of persians sitting around eating fruit, drinking tea, on a persian rug, watching soccer