Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One Night, Two Near-Tumbles

I had a very bad night, mishap-wise, last week. I'd gotten a large peppermint-mocha latte from Starbucks to combat the cold and was walking back to my apartment from the financial district. I was wearing my Dansko clogs, which are extremely comfortable but pose a slight difficulty for me (and, I should add, many others who aren't quite as clumsy as I): Because the sole of the shoe is one solid, inflexible piece, if you step on uneven ground, the shoe tends to roll over rather than bend to accommodate irregularities in the ground. So you basically wind up tripping a lot if you're not careful. Well, I guess I wasn't careful. I tripped in a pothole and wound up doing the please-let-me-catch-my-balance-without-falling-or-spilling-my-coffee dance. For what seemed like an eternity. It was epic. Not this epic, but close. However, I managed to stay upright and—amazingly—only spill some coffee on my coat sleeve.

Later the same night, I nearly rolled out of bed while asleep. Again, in a narrow save, I klonked my elbow on my dresser, which woke me up enough to right myself before I went ass-over-teakettle. The thunk was enough to wake up Afshin, who suggested that, instead of just a sleep helmet, I should really get sleep armor.

So maybe it wasn't such an unlucky night...two near-accidents are better than two actual accidents after all.