Monday, December 5, 2011

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

On Saturday, I went to my friend Caroline's house to help her decorate (tis the season and all), where I discovered the joys of a show called Rude Tube. It consists of a host, a number of YouTube clips, and a few interviews with the stars of said clips. Now, for starters, this is a brilliant business model and must be even more cost-effective than reality TV, given that it reuses grainy-ass YouTube footage. However, that's not the point.

There was a section devoted to animal videos. This is where I shine, people. So, while my friends sat, enraptured by these alternately enchanting and amusing frolics, I was able to provide (probably unwanted) additional commentary. Debbie loves cats? "It's fake, but it's funny." Baby monkey rides pig? "It always bothers me that he's riding it backward." Nyan cat? "Yeah, that's what the whole song sounds like." Seagull stole camera? "Asshole bird. The guy had to climb a wall or something to get his camera back." I really hope this was a rerun, because I'd seen...well, pretty much all of the clips. By the conclusion of the show, my friends both looked rather alarmed that this is apparently how I spend my life.