Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tiny Animals Will Melt Your Heart (And Brain)

Maybe nobody's ever noticed, but I turn into a complete moron when presented with cute animals. (Even if they're stuffed animals, as anyone who's ever seen me with Nigel, my otter hand puppet, can affirm.) This photo set of tiny animals on fingers is so cute your brain will turn to mush. Except the bugs. Bugs are icky. But some of the other teensy little animals are unbelievably precious. Just look at the baby sugar gliders. And this little lizard, who's all, "Ehn! Ehn! Trying to hang on...." I also love this slender loris, who's clearly contemplating how he will destroy us all. Note the evil hand clasping. Eeexcellent. And then of course there's the bitty hummingbird. In his best Stewie voice, he's saying, "I don't have to fucking impress you."

Yes, if it's small and cute, I provide a monologue for it.

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