Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Left Foot

I had completely forgotten about the second chapter of the infamous Tasti D-Lite incident. About a month after I was brutally attacked by a metal and glass door, I was attacked by a box fan. Also in the vicinity of my left foot. The specifics aren't nearly as entertaining: I had a very warm bedroom in summertime, put a box fan in doorway to promote circulation, tripped over said box fan, which fell to the floor. In falling, it scraped down the back of my leg, on the skin right over my Achilles tendon. In short, in the span of about a month, I had acquired a gash on my foot and a slash down the back of my leg. I looked so gimpy.

By the by, in case you're curious as to what prompted this recollection, it was something that happened just this past weekend.
I tripped over:
a) a wire,
b) a sock,
c) a loose tieback on the couch, and/or
d) the leg of my pajama bottoms.
...at which point I kicked the corner of the glass tabletop. With my left foot. Fortunately, the glass tabletop has rounded corners. So I'm now sporting a hefty bruise, but managed to avoid blood loss. So it was a good weekend.

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