Monday, June 11, 2007

Why I Need a Sleep Helmet

Afshin has long said that I need a sleep helmet, initially because I require such specific conditions in order to sleep. Light—even just the little blips on a cable box or laptop—bothers me. Typing and mouse-clicking noises infuriate me. You get the picture. Since we live in a studio but don't always want to keep the same hours, we put up curtains around the bed, and I'll strap on my iPod (to block clickety-clack key noises), and affix one, sometimes two, of my three sleep masks to my head. Afshin started teasing me by saying that what I really need is a sleep helmet, some sort of sensory-deprivation gear to isolate me from all the sounds and lights I find so irksome at bedtime.

Then he decided that I really need it for protection.

He was up, typing away at his desk. I had gone to bed several hours earlier. Suddenly there's a CTHUNK, followed by an "Owww!"

"Babe, what happened?" He ran over to check on me.

"I hit my head on the wall!" I wailed, still three-quarters asleep.

Yes, I had slammed my head into the wall while asleep.

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