Friday, July 20, 2007

Escalator Escapades

Not to sound too Seinfeldian, but what is the deal with Californians and escalators? This morning I nearly smacked right into the guy in front of me, and just a few days ago I saw yet another woman trip over the end of the escalator...because she didn't see it? Was distracted? Was being a total space cadet? Maybe all of the above. I just do not get it. I've seen more people absentmindedly trip at the ends of escalators during my year in California than I saw in the entire seven years I spent in New York. New Yorkers get on the escalator, walk/stand, periodically block your path, and get off the damn thing. Californians mosey. And, apparently, forget that the escalator does, in fact, end.

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Sharmeen said...

Escalators scare me ... and it doesn't help when Eshan pushes me around like a ragdoll when we're on an escalator because he claims I'm in everyone's way.
Maybe Californians aren't in a perpetual state of needing to go someplace in a rush the way New Yorkers are.