Saturday, July 12, 2008

Injury Report

So Afshin bought a brand-spanking-new mandoline. (This one, in fact.) Very handy for slicing and dicing. Knowing my propensity for injuring myself, Afshin didn't want me to use it. But I needed to slice a large quantity of ginger (finely, I might add), so I requested permission to use it. (He got first slice.) All was going well, especially as I was using the helpfully included hand guard...except when I needed to reposition the ginger. And I slipped. And nearly lopped off a chunk of my thumb and thumbnail. Well, the sliver of nail is indeed gone; the skin is still marginally attached.

I'm finding things rather difficult to do without a fully functional right thumb. Oh, and I'm not allowed to use Afshin's mandoline anymore.

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