Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today's Lunch Is...

What do you think when you read the line "Any of our sandwiches can be served over organic greens" on a menu? I envisioned the sandwich plonked on top of some greens, much like getting a side salad but smaller and without any of the goodies like tomatoes. With this image in mind, I ordered a grilled mozzarella and fontina sandwich with tomato-olive preserves on country bread, served with the organic greens. Got back to the office, removed my lunch from the bag, and saw what looked like Chernobyl on a bed of spinach. It was my sandwich contents—the cheese and tomato-olive preserves—spread on top of the greens. Minus the bread. The things that would have kept the innards from getting out. The levees that should have protected the greens from the cheese-and-tomato-olive flood. And, because tomato-olive preserves are essentially marinara sauce, I basically ate a pizza salad for lunch. Don't misunderstand—it was delicious. Just not quite what I expected. And rather visually unappealing.

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