Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leia, Leeloo, and Me

Aaand it's over. Unless you're on the west coast, in which case you have just under an hour till it's officially November 1st. So party hard in memory of those of us who are about to sleep. We salute you.

These year's most popular costumes (that I saw, at least) seemed to be the slutty bumblebee, slutty ladybug, hockey players, and the Joker. (Him? Still?) Pirates seem to still be de rigeur. Especially slutty pirates, of course. Unsurprisingly, I saw at least one slutty version of pretty much everything tonight...including slutty Belle from the Disney version of Beauty and the Beast. Huh.

I saw a number of themed-costume groups at the pub, including Doc Brown, Marty, and George McFly (Doc Brown invited me to the party), six Madonnas at different stages of her career (including the Like a Virgin and Material Girl videos, A League of Their Own, and the Gaultier cone bra ensemble), and a whole slew of Star Wars people. I think my girl card is on the verge of being revoked—I actually recognized Count Dooku. Also in attendance were Obi Wan (Alec Guinness Obi Wan, not Ewan MacGregor Obi Wan), Darth Vader, an excellent Anakin, and slave Leia. And slave Leia was amazing. Pretty girl, great costume, and the body necessary to rock it.

On the completely opposite end of the scale (pun semi-intended), was the girl dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element. Her costume was dreadful (looked like it was made of colored tape and she wore it over incongruous gold spandex pants), she was too heavy to get away with the ensemble, and she committed the cardinal sin of cutting the entire line for the ladies' room (and taking her sweet time once inside). And this was a long freaking line—I waited 40 minutes. I think the only reason nobody said anything to her was that she looked exceedingly drunk and had the approximate physique of a rhino. Still, if all the angry ladies in line had banded together, we totally could have taken her. I would gladly have landed some literal blows for the cause.

On that note, hope your Halloween was happy, full of slave Leias and minus rude Leeloos and long bathroom lines. Have taken off my ruby slippers* and am heading to bed.

*I wasn't Dorothy again (I did that in third grade)—I was the Wicked Witch of the Lower East Side.

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