Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rosemary’s Baby = Scientology?

While washing dishes the other day, I absentmindedly began contemplating the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Baby Suri crazy train and was struck with a sudden (compelling) thought: What if Rosemary's Baby was just an allegory for Scientology? I mean, think about it. In the book, characters (notably Guy, an actor) worship the devil in exchange for personal success. In real life, Scientologists (many of whom seem to be wealthy and prominent actors) believe in Xenu and follow the teachings of second-rate sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard. And many of these Hubtards seems suspiciously successful to me. Hm. It's just a theory, but it is worth considering.

Although Suri Cruise is an awfully beautiful baby to be the Chosen One of Scientology.

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KEvin Swed said...

Hi Kaitlen, just watched Rosemary's Baby and googled it with Scientology. You probably don't care anymore, but I was struck by the dream imagery with Roman and the other witches in sailor gear on the boat. It reminded my of L. Ron on his boat when he dreamed the whole thing up. Even today Scientologists keep a little sailor in their style