Friday, September 7, 2007

Vocab Lessons

So I work on the copydesk at a video game magazine publishing company (about which you will not hear me complain, as I would rather not get dooced, thank you very much). In this capacity I contribute to and help keep updated the game group style guide. When I first started here, I expected that I'd be learning some new vocabulary, as my previous knowledge of the intricacies of video gaming was pretty bloody limited. Let's put it this way: I didn't know what a cut-scene was. Or a port. But, naturally, I learned. Now I know all about cel shading and chocobos and rag-doll physics and rochambeau gameplay and how the Soul Calibur game titles used to be two separate words but are now (intentionally and illogically) squished together into one, e.g., Soulcalibur Legends.

What I didn't expect was that we'd have an official spelling for douchebag. (One word, closed up, not hyphenated.) Or that I'd participate in a heated debate about the proper plural of ho. (We ultimately decided on hos, a verdict with which I heartily concur.) Hell, I'm even responsible for some of the stranger entries in our style guide. Muahaha, for instance. To summarize, you can add as many "ha"s as you want, as long as the word starts with a "mua" and ends with a "ha."

And what are some of the recent standouts (which have not been added to the guide as yet)? Moose knuckles, moneyhat, and catassery (the last of which is synonymous with poopsocking).

I'm not sure if my newly expanded vocabulary is a good thing or not.


Pete said...

Hey, it's Pete, Ksenia's boyfriend. Isn't the video game industry fun! How's life on the magazine end? Say good shit about my games!

Kaitlen said...

Yeah, at the copy desk I don't really get to decide what the reviewers say...unless you mean changing words like "sucks" to "rocks" and "awful" to "awesome." That I could do. ;-) And get my ass canned.