Monday, October 15, 2007

My Night as a Zombie

For those of you who are interested (which means everybody—who wouldn't be interested?), I participated in the most recent zombie flash mob in San Francisco this past Thursday. As I was not among the first of the undead to arrive, I didn't manage to crash the mayoral debate, but I arrived in time to see the cops and security people lowering the gate. Party poopers. At least no zombies got tased.

After massing near Civic Center (and engaging in an impromptu zombie conga line), we progressed via BART to the Mission. Following drinks at Beauty Bar, we boarded the zombie bus, whereupon newly undead mayoral candidate Chicken John Rinaldi chauffeured us around the city. On the bus, we were treated to juice, snacks, and Fun-Dip, along with some rousing zombie karaoke. We made some stops to generally wreak (good-natured) havoc, pick up food and/or drinks, attack Cupid's Span (apparently Chicken John has a deep-seated hatred for this "artwork"), and feast on Stephen Colbert's brain.

You can see my photos of the evening's festivities here, and my charming coworker/makeup artist Jenn also posted photos of me. Here are more photos. And here. And here. And here. And I'm on the phone with my grandmother in this one. For more info about zombie flash mobs in San Francisco, see this site.

Oh, and the lesson of the night? Never put a tube of fake blood in your pocket. If you do, be prepared to soak your jeans in scalding hot water and pray.

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